Religious & Social Initiatives

With the grace and blessing of Lord Balaji of Salasar, Rajasthan, Shri Vinod K Agarwal has become what he is today. According to him he feels, he must serve and help all living beings by addressing their most pressing concerns and finding long-term solutions. He strongly believes in the power of philanthropy and that it can make a difference in the lives of many people.

In India, Shri Vinod K Agarwal has been involved in numerous social and charitable projects. He has made a significant impact in many fields through his generous donations and his commitment to social welfare. Here are a few of them.

Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair, Indore Chapter

The Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair (HSSF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the people about the importance of conserving forests and ecology for sustainable environment, promoting patriotism, and respecting parents, teachers, and women so we can create a society free from stress and violence.

The Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair, Indore Chapter is headed by renowned philanthropist and altruist Shri Vinod K Agarwal. HSSF organizes an annual fair in Indore under the leadership of Shri Vinod K Agarwal. The fair is organized to promote spiritual and service activities among the Hindu community. A variety of cultural activities are included in the fair, such as lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and cultural shows. Through these activities, Hindu values are promoted, and people are encouraged to work for the betterment of society. Furthermore, the fair offers a chance for people to learn more about Hindu teachings and interact with spiritual leaders.

Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training [IMCT]

The Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training [IMCT] is a non-profit organization dedicated to imparting, implanting, and ingraining cultural and moral values in young boys and girls. IMCT’s programmes rest on the triangle of Themes [values], Samskarams [training] and Symbols [sign] to implant reverence in all towards nature, trees, and wildlife, all living beings, parents, elders, women and nation underlying the six Themes. The IMCT, Indore Chapter is headed by renowned philanthropist and altruist Shri Vinod K Agarwal. Under the leadership of Shri Vinod K Agarwal, IMCT organizes several programmes in Indore. The corpus of knowledge built by the IMCTF aligns the basic and fundamental values of Indian Civilisation and Culture which is the timeless heritage of India to the contemporary life.

Shri Agrawal Samaj Kendriya Samiti

Shri Agrawal Samaj Kendriya Samiti is a pioneering organization that is dedicated to the betterment of all communities in Indore and its environs. It is chaired by shri Vinod Agarwal and under his leadership the samiti is implementing lot of social initiatives for the betterment of society. Initially, it only included institutions, and today it counts almost 5000 proud members from every family in the city. The organization undertakes numerous activities that are beneficial for the city and its people. For example, it runs a famous book bank that provides free books and resources to children in need. It also organizes health camps that provide free medical check-ups and provides resources to those in need, provide essential items to old age homes, Cow shelters and conduct religious yatra for Agarwal community. Additionally, every year, it celebrates the Agrasen Jayanti with great enthusiasm. All these activities are possible due to the collective resources of all the single clubs and institutions that have come together under the umbrella of Shri Agrawal Samaj Kendriya Samiti. It is a great example of how the collective strength and resources of a community can be used to create a better future for all.

Sanstha Agrasen Sewa

As a non-profit organization, Sanstha Agrasen Sewa works for the community. The organization was founded in 2014. The organisation works on the principle of 'Seva' which means selfless service by providing basic facilities and services to the people in need. Health, education, women empowerment, Housing, and livelihood promotion are some of the areas where the organization works. Providing help to people in need has been the organization's goal since its inception in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Several projects have been undertaken by the organization in the areas of health, education, housing and women empowerment. Few of the works are mentioned below.

Maharaja Agrasen Parmarthik Nyas

Maharaja Agrasen Parmarthik Nyas is a charitable organization of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It is dedicated to the ideals of social service, spiritual upliftment, and spreading the message of universal love. Every year, the organization offers financial assistance to approximately 800 students who are unable to pay for their educational expenses so that they can continue their studies. By providing these students with the necessary funds, the organization is helping to ensure that they can pursue their educational goals. The organization is committed to making sure that students of all backgrounds have equal access to higher education, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Agarwal Samaj Education Center

Founded in 2014, the Swami Vivekananda Suvichar Seshank Evam Parmarthik Nyas is a registered trust that works to promote the welfare of the city. It puts emphasis on education by creating schools, colleges, and other learning centres. Furthermore, it is involved in health, environmental conservation, youth empowerment, promoting technical education and equipping the youth with the necessary skills to grab opportunities.