Vinod Agarwal

The Cornerstone

Mr. Vinod Agarwal has over 40 years of business experience. A merit holder who started working at the mere age of fifteen, his story is truly inspirational. A growth-oriented visionary with the ability to quickly adapt his organisation to the changing socioeconomic dynamics of the world, with his indomitable determination and perseverance, Mr. Agarwal has succeeded in taking Agarwal to the pinnacle of success. A strong team, professionalism and robust management control systems are fundamental to his style of management.

A man with humble roots and an extraordinary vision, Mr. Agarwal strongly believes in philanthropy and bettering the society. Social service constitutes a big part of his life. He is passionately spearheading the CSR activities at Agarwal and is also making big strides at the forefront of numerous social activities at the national level.

He is also linked to various trusts and NGOs. His initiative ‘Balaji Sewarth Vinod Agarwal Foundation’ has been actively working towards improving lives and empowering societies with projects in healthcare, infrastructural development, education and environmental protection. Mr. Agarwal has also been recognised and felicitated numerous times for his contribution towards the society.

Tapan Agarwal

Mr. Tapan Agarwal is a postgraduate in business administration from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and has a Bachelors of Technology in Industrial Engineering & Management from Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore with formal education in Experimental Psychology and Politics & International Relations from the University of Oxford, England. He is taking Agarwal to the next orbit as he transforms the family enterprise into a professional conglomerate.

Tapan is handling two key roles within the company. He is the President Corporate responsible for all corporate affairs and transformational projects within the company. At the same time he is the C.O.O. of the South African Coal division at Agarwal, running his own trade book of over Three Million Tonnes per annum. He is also spearheading the Iron Ore segment at Agarwal commencing Iron Ore exports and domestic trade at a large scale. Furthermore, he is the C.E.O. of the real estate business, Emerald Developers, wherein a number of projects have been launched under his leadership. He is also involved in strategic decision making for the group.


Pramod K. Shrivastava

Group CFO

Pradeep Upadhyay

Senior Vice President- Accounts

Ashok Kumar Mukherjee

Senior Vice President- Procurement

Capt. Sunil Tiwari

Senior Vice President- Shipping

Jerad Justin

Vice President- Port Operations

Pankaj Pawecha

Assistant Vice President- Finance

Dharmendra Agrawal

Assistant Vice President-Information Technology

Hrishikant Mishra

Assistant Vice President- Human Resources